10 Things to Do with Kids & Teens in Oregon 2024 – Fun for the Whole Family

Exploring Oregon with your kids is an adventure that promises to be as varied and vibrant as the landscape itself. From the lush, rain-soaked forests of the coast to the stark beauty of the high desert, my family and I have uncovered so many activities that might just cater to your needs.

We hiked through breathtaking national parks, visited interactive museums, and in pauses, tasted the best ice cream. Oregon has never failed to keep us entertained. With that said, I want to share my top 10 favorite things to do in this wonderfully wild state, perfect for families looking for an adventure. Let’s begin.

Fun Things For Kids Oregon

Things to Do with Kids & Teens in Oregon 2024

1. Explore the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport

The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport

You’ve gotta check out the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport—it’s a cool spot for families, especially if you’ve got kiddos or teens. They’ve got this rad exhibit called Passages of the Deep, and it’s wild—you can walk through a tunnel surrounded by sharks, which is awesome and always exciting for kids.

Plus, there are these touch pools where you can get hands-on with sea life. It’s not just fun, it’s a learning adventure too. The best part? It won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s about 25 bucks for grown-ups and 15 for the little ones, so it’s a sweet deal for a day trip.

Experience Age Requirement Price Range
General Admission Free for 2 years and younger $15.95 – $25.95
Behind the Scenes Tour Ages 8 and up $20 – $25
Sea Jelly Touch Encounter Ages 8 and up $15 – $20
Octopus Encounter Ages 8 and up $50 – $60

2. Discover Crater Lake National Park

Next, up, we have Crater Lake. It’s this awesome place that popped up after a volcano decided to call it quits. The views? Absolutely killer. It’s the ultimate playground for families who dig into nature.

I’m talking hikes, camping, and even some cool ranger stuff when the sun’s out. And the kids? They go nuts for the Junior Ranger Program.

Fees and Passes

Type Dates Cost
Private Vehicle May 22–October 31 $30.00
Private Vehicle November 1–May 21 $20.00
Motorcycle May 22–October 31 $25.00
Motorcycle November 1–May 21 $15.00
Per Person Year-round $15.00
Snowmobile November 1–June 15 $15.00
Commercial Sedan (1-6 seats) Year-round $25.00
Commercial Van (7-15 seats) Year-round $75.00
Commercial Mini-bus (16-25 seats) Year-round $100.00
Commercial Motor Coach (26+ seats) Year-round $200.00

3. Hike in the Columbia River Gorge

Hike in the Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is a breathtaking place with stunning views and waterfalls that will absolutely amaze you. The trails are fantastic for people of all ages. I suggest checking out Multnomah Falls – it’s the highest waterfall in the area and truly magnificent.

The trails are easy to navigate, making it a perfect spot for a family outing. But it’s not all about hiking; there are excellent spots for picnics, incredible birdwatching opportunities, and you can even learn a bit about the area’s history and geology. Most of the time, you can hit the trails without paying a dime, but just a heads up, some places might charge a small fee for parking.

Picnicking Areas

  • Balfour-Klickitat Area & Trail
  • Bonneville Trailhead
  • Dog Mountain
  • Eagle Creek Day Use Area
  • Larch Mountain
  • Multnomah Falls
  • Multnomah Falls Lodge
  • Bridge Of The Gods Trailhead
  • Sams Walker Day Use Area & Trail
  • Sandy River Delta
  • St. Cloud Day Use Area & Trail
  • Wahkeena Falls

4. Visit the High Desert Museum near Bend

Visit the High Desert Museum near Bend

This museum is a real gem for anyone keen on learning more about history, art, and nature all rolled into one. It brings the high desert’s environment to life in a way that’s just as fascinating for kids as it is for teens. Imagine getting up close with live animals, stepping back in time with historical reenactments, and getting hands-on with interactive exhibits.

It paints a full picture of Oregon’s heritage, Native American culture, and the history of the region. The entry fee is about $20 for grown-ups and $12 for the little ones, making it a great spot for a family day out filled with discovery.


  • Parking with wheelchair access
  • Restroom with wheelchair access
  • Entrance with wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Discount for military

5. Ride the Oregon Dunes on an ATV

Ride the Oregon Dunes on an ATV

If you and your family are up for some adventure, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a must-visit! It’s home to the biggest stretch of coastal sand dunes in North America, and you can zip across them on thrilling ATV rides.

A bunch of local spots offer guided tours and rentals to make sure you have a blast safely. You might want to budget about $100 for a few hours of this unique fun. It’s an awesome way to check out Oregon’s varied scenery, and let me tell you, teenagers absolutely love it!

I recommend making reservations for rental vehicles at first available times (June–August at 9:30 a.m. and September–May at 10:30 a.m.).

6. Experience the Oregon Zoo in Portland

If you’re in Portland and looking for a fun day out, the Oregon Zoo is the place to be! It’s a great tour for animal lovers, where you can check out critters from all corners of the globe with a big focus on conservation and learning.

Navigating this zoo is super easy, thanks to its smart layout that groups animals by their natural habitats. They’ve also got all sorts of seasonal fun happening, like summer concerts that’ll have you dancing with the elephants and ZooLights that turn winter nights magical.

Plus, with tickets at around $24 for grown-ups and $19 for kids, it’s a budget-friendly adventure for the whole family.

You may enter the zoo up to 60 minutes after your scheduled ticket time. If you arrive outside your time window, you may need to wait for the next available entry time.

7. Go Fruit Picking in Hood River Valley

Fruit Picking in Hood River Valley

Hood River Valley is famous for its lush orchards, where families can enjoy picking their own fruit straight from the tree during harvest time. Starting with cherries in early summer and moving on to apples and pears come fall, this activity is not only enjoyable but also enlightening.

Besides, many farms up the ante with extra fun like petting zoos, hayrides, and charming country stores. While prices do vary based on the farm and how much fruit you pick, the real treasure lies in spending quality time outdoors and gaining a deeper understanding of our food’s journey from farm to table.

You will encounter 28 on-the-farm fruit stands, wineries, breweries, cideries, and fields of flowers.

8. Visit the ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum in Ashland

Visit the ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum in Ashland

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum in Ashland is a cool spot if you’re curious and love science. This location is for those who love having fun with science, with more than 100 hands-on exhibits, awesome live demos, and programs that really make learning a blast.

If you’re a kid or a teen into all things science and tech, this place has got something for you. Plus, at about $15 a ticket, it’s a pretty sweet deal for a day full of exploring and learning in the most fun way possible.

Admission Info

Category Price Notes
Members Free Admission
Adult $12.50
Child (2+) $10.50
Child Under 2 Free Admission
Senior (65+) $10.50
Student (with ID) $10.50
Military (with ID) 10% off Based on Adult price
Teacher (with ID) Free
Group (8+ visitors) $9.00 Per visitor
*Access $3.00 Special program

9. Ski or Snowboard at Mount Hood

Mount Hood is the go-to spot for snow lovers all year round and an awesome place for families that are into winter fun. No matter if you’re just starting out or you’re pretty much a pro on skis or a snowboard, there’s something for everyone.

You can find ski schools and rent gear right on the mountain, and day passes usually kick off at about $70, but it can vary depending on when you go and how old you are. Besides all the sliding and gliding, Mount Hood’s gorgeous scenery is perfect for those who are more about snowshoeing or simply frolicking in the snow.

Snow Sports Info

Feature Measurement
Base Elevation 4,523’
Skiable Acres 2,150
Summit Elevation 7,000’
Hike-to Terrain 1,700’
Vertical Drop 2,777’
Lifts 11
Average Annual Snowfall 430″

10. Take a Coastal Road Trip Along Highway 101

Take a Coastal Road Trip Along Highway 101

Taking the last spot on my list, hitting the road for a trip down Highway 101 is like giving your family the ultimate Oregon postcard experience. Picture this: endless ocean views that look straight out of a movie, charming little coastal towns popping up along the way, and more state parks than you can count, each with its own set of beaches, cool tide pools, and trails begging to be explored.

It’s the kind of adventure that you can shape to fit what your family loves doing, whether that’s hunting for treasures on the beach, checking out historic lighthouses, or tucking into some amazing local seafood. Sure, the cost of a road trip can bounce around a bit, but the kind of unforgettable moments you’ll be creating along Oregon’s stunning coastline? Well, those are just something money can’t buy.


Wrapping up our journey through Oregon, it’s clear this state is a great opportunity for adventurous families. We’ve hiked, explored, learned, and laughed our way across its diverse landscapes, from mountains to coastlines.

Each activity, whether it was chasing waterfalls or discovering history, added something special to our trip. Oregon’s mix of nature, education, and fun has left us with lasting memories and a strong desire to come back. If you feel like the activities I listed might be something you and your family would enjoy, go ahead and visit! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re extending your adventure beyond Oregon, consider including Tacoma’s must-see attractions in your itinerary for an enriching experience.