Welcome to Easterner Online, your guide to the undiscovered jewels found in and around the bustling heart of Seattle.

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Born in a boardroom of very proud Seattleites, The Easterner Online is more than a roadmap – it is a personal invitation to share the best of Seattle with locals and visitors.

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We know Seattle in and out and love sharing every bit of it.

Our content varies from educational insights to travel-touring tips: You can be sure to get the real feel of Seattle.

At Easterner Online, our recommendations come from firsthand experience.

We had already explored Pike Place Market and taken in the views from the Space Needle, then fully explored all the art that Tacoma has to offer.

They are more than guides. More like personal stories inviting you into the heart of best of the city.

Meet the Team

Connor Gaines is a tourism enthusiast with a degree in Hotel and Motel Management. Anxious to find more and show it off, he loves sharing the beauty and treasures that this country is hiding with most of the world, with most of his recent years’ focus on the Pacific Northwest. His expertise in seeking both the finest places for relaxation and the finest places to be adventurous only stresses this region’s beauty and charm and adds to the number of very important staff in our mission to share the finest experiences with our audience.

Elisabeth Schwartz has spent the past few years exploring the Pacific Northwest with her family, dedicating weekends and vacations to discovering its hidden gems. From Oregon’s rocky coastline to temperate Washington rainforests, Elisabeth leads her kids on an adventure that inspires a love for the great outdoors. Her contributions to Easterner Online include personal, sharing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest as though one were able to see it through a family seeking to rediscover God’s creation.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Easterner Online is quite simple: bring the magic of Seattle and the surrounding areas to the world.

We value authenticity, community, and exploration so highly that we bake them right into every piece of content we produce.

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For a look at Seattle from an insider’s view, look no further than Easterner Online.

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That’s how we roll: catching new experiences and keeping the guides up to date with what’s good in and beyond Seattle.

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