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BFA Senior Exhibition

Erin Rebar
The BFA Senior Exhibition, "Chaise Longue," will be in the EWU Art Gallery from May 26 to June 8 and includes works by EWU student artists Jennifer Acevedo, Jessica Brooks Halter, Olivia Evans, Aziz Jamal, Jeremy Lenhartzen and Gilbert Sumerlin.

By Erin Rebar, A&E and Features Editor

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Currently, the EWU Art Gallery is showcasing the work of six students in its BFA program.

The exhibit features a variety of different pieces, each in styles as different as the artists themselves. On one wall a collection of colorful stuffed animals hang, their heads buried in blocks of cement. On another, a pair of mirrors silently condemn.

In one corner, a set of old televisions reside, precariously stacked and displaying video images of dolls and outdoor scenes. On a shelf sit stacks of refrigerator magnets, decorated with Twitter posts by Donald Trump.

Jessica Brooks Halter, an EWU senior and one of the student-artists whose work is in the exhibit, said she is inspired by the human body and how it shapes our identity.

“I have been having a lot of health changes this past year, and I ended up pouring a lot of that into my work,” said Brooks. “The questioning of identity and how it connects with the body has been a large theme this year. There is also this process that takes place anytime that I have either an unpleasant medical procedure or I don’t feel well — I always imagine what is happening inside my body. The picture in my mind is always this abstracted, funny and sometimes horrific happening. A lot of that internal picturing has been translated to my work these past three quarters. I have been working with digital, time-based media where I combine drawings, video, digital 3D objects and parts of my body. I love green screen. I have been doing sculpture and performance art as well as creating ceramic organ-like pieces, each type of work feeding into the next.”

Brooks said the exhibition is worth the time to come out and see because of the multitude of strong pieces the student artists have created and because of the societal commentary that many of the pieces offer.

“This has been a year of turmoil politically, bringing up many concerns and fears,” said Brooks. “There are works in the exhibition that respond to what is and has been happening in our culture. I think that everyone has gone deep into different aspects of their lives as well as the outside world, and what they have to show is interesting.”

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BFA Senior Exhibition