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Bedroom Farce Plays out on EWU Stage

EWU Theater Department's last performance of the year showed the past two weekends

Scott Worley as Trevor adn Sierra Peck as Susannah in Bedroom Farce

Scott Worley as Trevor adn Sierra Peck as Susannah in Bedroom Farce

Whitney Bolar for The Easterner

Whitney Bolar for The Easterner

Scott Worley as Trevor adn Sierra Peck as Susannah in Bedroom Farce

By Logan Stahl, Staff Reporter

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Turmoil or ultimate forgiveness? The developing scenes of the EWU Theater Department’s new production, “Bedroom Farce,” produces a peculiar mood where the future is unknown.  

Josh Stamoolis, a guest director at EWU, and the entire cast give attendees a genuine laugh with the comedy by accomplished playwright Alan Ayckbourn.

Set in London in 1975, the play carries a heavy British feel, and all the cast members pitch  brilliant renditions of the various types of British accents.  

Each scene takes place in a bedroom as there are three on the stage throughout the play.  

The opening scene is rather uneventful as Ernest, played by Josh Baig, waits as Delia, with her Judi Dench accent and demeanor, to put on her makeup. The couple seems to be extremely settled in their relationship. Bypassing and not caring about the other’s slightly unfavorable tendencies.

The play soon shifts to the much younger and playful relationship of Kate and Malcolm. As they sit in their new home, with boxes being the main decoration, showing an adorable attraction for each other as they clean up for a party they are hosting that night.

Soon Trevor arrives, the first one to the party, rather keen on being unaware of the current situation and his immediate surroundings.

When Trevor’s spouse Susannah, who carries an Adele-like cockney accent and obvious esteem issues, arrives at the party, tensions grow when she sees Trevor.  

Soon enough the night starts to spin out of control.

The party abruptly ends, but beforehand another couple is interjected into the play. Jan, portrayed by Holly Kickman, plays a role in the unforeseen events at the party while her husband Nick, played by Jack Siebel, unknowingly lies in bed at home with a terrible back injury.

Now all of the couples have the strengths of their relationships tested, some more than others.

The couples interact more and more throughout the play, creating a crescendo of chaos until the night suddenly becomes day. The ending of the play leaves the viewer craving more.

Kate, played by Hannah McLauglin, is fantastic throughout the play, proving to be sensible and caring even when she is put into the most tense situations.

Jake Latham plays Malcolm and provides a steady dose of confidence and a need to impress Kate.

Another standout performance comes from Trevor, played by Scott Worley. Worley gives the perfect amount of simple-mindedness and clumsy characteristics to Trevor, as he spends half the play in an extremely oversized rain jacket.

Susannah, portrayed by Sierra Peck, provides the pure emotional drama with chocolate cake smothered across her face.

Delia, played by Jac Archer, and Ernest display an important aspect to the play as their relationship provides the deepest contrast to the other relationships.

The beauty within the fast-paced “Bedroom Farce” is the ability to see four different relationships concurrently, with both interpersonal and intrapersonal feelings present.

From start to finish, many human factors and relatable themes present in relationships are painted in clear light.

Humor is present, but there is more to “Bedroom Farce,” and that is how one can try again and again to make a relationship work after everything seems to be going so wrong.

“Bedroom Farce” is a fun production that could be enjoyed by any age group.”

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Bedroom Farce Plays out on EWU Stage