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Erin Rebar

Erin Rebar

By Erin Rebar, A&E and Features Editor

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Erin Rebar

Danny Dolls: “My Danny Dolls are made of gloves — old leather gloves. When I was working downtown, I’d ride my bike to work during the summer and I would pick stuff up off the ground, and one of them was gloves. You always see a single glove. Once in a blue moon you see a pair, but not really. It’s always a single glove. I was fooling around with them one day and had a seamstress friend and asked her to help me figure it out. This is the thumb of the glove, where I cut the thumb off and kind of push it together. I spread the fingers to make the arms and legs. As you see, they are just kinda decorated with everything and anything. They all have their own personalities.”

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