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“Bedroom Farce” Comes to EWU

Hannah McLaughlin (Kate) and right Scott Worley (Trevor)

Hannah McLaughlin (Kate) and right Scott Worley (Trevor)

Contributed by Skyler Moeder

Contributed by Skyler Moeder

Hannah McLaughlin (Kate) and right Scott Worley (Trevor)

By Logan Stahl, Staff Reporter

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EWU theater department returns with a new comedy production, “Bedroom Farce.” The new production will open on the EWU Theatre’s Main Stage May 12.

Guest Director Josh Stamoolis is leading the small cast in the Oliver and Tony Award winning production. This is Stamoolis’ first time directing a production at EWU, but he brings with him a plethora of professional acting and directing experience.

Stamoolis is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association and has directed professional productions at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, as well as a student production at the University of California, Irvine, among other various productions as an actor and director.

Stamoolis said “Bedroom Farce” is a sitcom that “can stray one moment into the ludicrous and absurd and have real pathos the next.”

The main focus of the play is on a couples’ struggling marriage. Through the difficult trials of their marriage, they cross paths with three other couples to create complete chaos.  

“The couples in the [play] learn how to live together, to commit together and to remember to try together as one never-ending night twists, turns and surprises,” Stamoolis said.

EWU junior Hannah McLaughlin, a theater and english double major, plays the role of Kate. For McLaughlin, the audition process was different than she expected.

“[It was] very fun, but [it] was an eye opener to a lot of us because most of us came in with the mindset of being too dramatic,” McLaughlin said.

The play is set in London, so all the actors have been practicing Received Pronunciation, the standard English accent which is often used by actors and TV personalities in the U.K. This has added difficulty throughout the rehearsal cycle.

EWU junior Sierra Peck, a theater major who plays Susannah, was pleased with the audition and rehearsal process.

“The really great thing about auditions at Eastern is you are surround by such a cool group of people that you can absolutely bomb and just laugh about it,” said Peck. “Whatever nerves there are, there is always a group of people to help you through it.”

EWU junior Jake Lathan, an accounting major who plays Malcolm, has enjoyed working on this production because of the small cast size.

“We have rehearsals with one or two people on stage and we get to work with Josh with everything. I love it,” Lathan said.

EWU junior Scott Worley, a theater student who plays Trevor, said “the play will allow people to check their worries at the door, laugh, and have a blast, because we are.”

Stamoolis has high hopes for the play.

“I think [the audience] can expect a hilarious comedy with characters and relations that we all can recognize,” said Stamoolis. “I hope the audience walks away with tears in their eyes.”

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“Bedroom Farce” Comes to EWU