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Swim Time floats in first quarter

By Siobhan Ebel, contributing writer

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Spring quarter saw the introduction of two new classes to the physical education program, Swim Time I and Swim Time II.

Like Fast Fitness and Climb Time, Swim Time allows students to work out on their own time for credit.

Swim Time I requires students record a minimum of 20 hours swimming over the course of the quarter. In addition to the 20 hours swimming, Swim Time II also requires three assignments and a report on one of the five workshops offered throughout the quarter.

Both classes have been hugely successful. Despite being “added to the Spring Quarter registration list at the eleventh hour, [Swim Time] was an immediate hit with both the counseling office and the students,” Aquatic Center Manager Gregory Schmidt said.

Swim Time I saw more students enroll than spots available with a total of 26 students registered. Swim Time II also filled up all 20 spots by the end of the registration period. “We’re all thrilled to see 46 students enrolled in the new program,” Schmidt said.

“I like the fact that I can swim on my own time, and I like that it keeps me motivated to go to the pool,” EWU senior Micah Fechner said. If he was not graduating this quarter, he said he would take the class again.

Currently, hours are logged in the “old-fashioned way” by manually recording hours in a binder, Schmidt said, but he has plans to update the system over the summer.

Climb Time, the program that Swim Time was modeled after, uses a student-developed software program to track students’ hours. “We will look at the feasibility of installing that software here, but separating it from Climb Time, so there is no overlap,” Schmidt said. With the success of the program an automated system seems like the next logical step to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Swim Time will be offered in the fall with Swim Time I located under Physical Education 125 and Swim Time II located under Physical Education 135.

“We are grateful to Kevin Klim, manager of the URC Climbing Wall, and to student Daniel Kipp, who were both instrumental in getting Swim Time started,” Schmidt said.

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Swim Time floats in first quarter