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The one about transparency

By Eric Long, Editor-in-Chief

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Universities are breeding grounds for scandals, controversies and fraud. We’ve seen it happen so many times on campuses across this country. So what about our own? The Easterner hears about stuff all of the time: departments upset at administration, students upset at departments, something sketchy is happening here or there.

Personally, it starts to wear me out and it’s a little disheartening. Students want to think the universities they attend have the best intentions for students, but that’s not always the case. Through the media these controversies can be uncovered and reported upon, but the ultimate goal should be that these things never happen in the first place. Transparency is very powerful.

If universities were more transparent with their processes and policies and how they allocate funding, questions wouldn’t be raised and students and faculty could raise their concerns before administration does something the rest of the university doesn’t like.

But this is not a perfect world and this is where, at EWU, The Easterner comes in. Students and faculty who are concerned with something going on at this university need only to email or call us and we will do our best to investigate.

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