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EWU creates new path from Elm to PUB

By Amy Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Fed up with the path between The Easterner and the rest of campus, I wrote a humorous column about some of EWU’s options with a natural water feature.
  2. I decided to journal some of my journeys through the EWU PUB pass and my interactions with a series of puddles that I called “Meyer Lake.” (Why the egoist title? I wanted Meyer Lake to go away.
  3. Almost passable. #EWU
  4. I can’t make the leap today, but I’m not walking through the mud on the left. I’m walking through.
  5. It’s so bad here that students are taking quite a wide path around the mud, Through more mud. #EWU
  6. Today’s #EWU pass condition: fair. Meyer lake has bridged the path again, but it is still leapable by this reporter.
  7. Then I got an alert from a coworker. So I got another photo.
  8. New lights have been installed on the #EWU pass. Lake Meyer should look beautiful tonight.
  9. KalebHoffer
    @AmyAMeyer I saw those last night when I went to the PU
    B. I was really pleased to see that.
  10. Then one night I went to the library to print. The library closed. Finals hours had not been implemented yet. To add insult to injury, I walked through the puddle.
  11. AmyAMeyer
    I thought I could jump Lake Meyer tonight. I was wrong.
  12. But the next day on the way to the office, I found that EWU had created a path. I was so excited, talking about the new path, thinking about the new path that I crossed it four times in about an hour. I left the office for class without my backpack and had to go back.
  13. Meyer lake has been demolished! We have an awesome, dry new path! Way to go, #EWU!
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The independent, student-run news site of Eastern Washington University.
EWU creates new path from Elm to PUB