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The Easterner in Chicago (Storify test)

By Amy Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. EWU_Eagle_Life
    congrats to #ewu easterner for placing fifth in Best of show at the #acp #ncmc12
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 15:41:09
  2. evansykes
    Chicago Tribune building on the way back from dinner. They just put up Christmas lights on the trees. #ncmc12 #chicago
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 19:39:41
  3. evansykes
    #ncmc12 trash can is just about as overloaded as the hotel wifi
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 11:40:21
  4. Bennypookpook
    Shrimp MacNcheese?!! OK!! (@ Rockbottom Brewhouse) [pic]:
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 19:46:12
  5. AmyAMeyer
    @stuckstandard says, “Chicago hates my feet.”
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 15:29:15
  6. AmyAMeyer
    “Sue” at the Field Museum.
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 14:43:21
  7. AmyAMeyer
    On the bus in Chicago. #ncmc12
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 12:34:18
  8. AmyAMeyer
    second drawbridge going up soon?
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 07:46:27
  9. Bennypookpook
    The Wheel.
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 22:31:28
  10. evansykes
    One thing I have learned about Chicago. This is not a coffee-centric town. Miss my coffee places. #coffeeproblems #chicago #ncmc12
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 06:31:52
  11. AmyAMeyer
    the people at the next table over are having vodka with breakfast. Chicago is weird. #ncmc12
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 06:15:14
  12. evansykes
    @AmyAMeyer dang. You got up early.
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 06:19:11
  13. stuckstandard
    @AmyAMeyer You cray cray.
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 06:34:42
  14. AmyAMeyer
    Just saw a guy walking his dog. The man was wearing flip flops and a trench coat. I didn’t see any other clothes.
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 05:55:37
  15. stuckstandard
    @AmyAMeyer Al was still in bed at that time. And I don’t know where he’d have gotten the dog.
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 06:35:57
  16. stuckstandard
    Have no fear, chainsaw conservationists! We were NOT throwing running chainsaws into a tumble dryer last night. It was only snoring.#ncmc12
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 06:44:10
  17. stuckstandard
    That hungover homeless man you crossed the street to avoid? Me. Also, not hungover or homeless. Just beardy and up early. #ncmc12
    Sat, Nov 03 2012 06:41:51
  18. stuckstandard
    #ncmc12 Friday aphorism attempt: Being a decent journalist does not make you interesting. Being interesting makes you a decent journalist.
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 07:06:22
  19. Friesen_Joshua
    If this internet was any faster it would start going back in time. #ncmc12
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:42:38
  20. AmyAMeyer
    @friesen_Joshua wreck it ralph? That’s an old, old movie! #internetsoslowwewentbackintime
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:51:37
  21. Friesen_Joshua
    The US just beat the USSR in hockey in the Olympics! Do you believe in miracles? YES! #internetsoslowwewentbackintime #ncmc12
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:58:01
  22. AmyAMeyer
    Do you think #ncmc12 Got Walter Cronkite as a guest speaker? #internetsoslowwewentbackintime
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 22:02:38
  23. AmyAMeyer
    @EvanSykes tried to wave back at you but worried that the speaker would think I was inappropriately raising my hand.
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 12:40:37
  24. cranberrytroy
    Just streamed the empire strikes back. Darth is Luke’s father? #internetsoslowewentbackintime #ncmc12
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:54:11
  25. AmyAMeyer
    @cranberrytroy Luke who? What’s a darth? #internetsoslowwewentbackintime #Sheraton
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:56:38
  26. evansykes
    @AmyAMeyer right behind ya
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 12:36:12
  27. evansykes
    Corner of the Cloud Gate at Millenium Park in Chicago. #ncmc12 #chicago #milleniumpark #cloudgate
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 11:15:40
  28. cranberrytroy
    I did it. I took a photo of the freakin’ bean. #Chicago
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 09:28:28
  29. Friesen_Joshua
    In a room full of journalists, you’d think some of the attendees would ask questions that weren’t pointless. #ncmc12
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 13:25:50
  30. Octo_Motobo
    @Friesen_Joshua We only ask the real-hard-hitting-questions here in college journalism #ncmc12
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 13:44:08
  31. Bennypookpook
    #ncmc12 Cokes are only 3.50 in the bar! Don’t everyone go at once. FML
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:54:56
  32. cranberrytroy
    Good morning.
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 05:10:13
  33. Friesen_Joshua
    My view of a cool sunrise from Chicago. Time to buckle down and get hit by some journalism knowledge. #ncmc12
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 05:25:43
  34. The guys thought they’d beat the expensive restaurants and buy a gallon of milk and some cereal. Then the reality of fridge usage hit them back at their rooms:
  35. stuckstandard
    $25 to use the fridge in your room or, conveniently, $25 to have another fridge sent up. #wemacguyveredacooleroutoficeandatrashcan #ncmc12
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 23:12:05
  36. cranberrytroy
    #ncmc12 Sheraton hotel votes Romney 2012 because PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING!
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 21:56:53
  37. stuckstandard I’m Christopher Stuck and I approve this pizza. (At Giardano’s. #ncmc12)
    Wed, Oct 31 2012 20:05:19
  38. cranberrytroy
    Things I’ve learned in Chicago: I’m still very much lactose intolerant.
    Fri, Nov 02 2012 10:50:13
  39. Friesen_Joshua
    Felt like I gained a lot of knowledge here at #ncmc12. Thinking of the improvements I can make. Hopefully there will be big things to come!
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 14:19:10
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The Easterner in Chicago (Storify test)