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Civil rights are everyone’s issue

By Eric Long, Chief Copy Editor

January 27, 2015

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I cannot walk in the shoes of a black man or woman and tell whomever is reading this what it is like to be of a different color in the 21st century. I cannot go back in time and experience the horrors and inhumanity of slavery. I cannot sit here as I type in this coffee shop and feel judged for the color of my skin. I am white, I am male, and I am privileged but not in every... Read more »

Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy of American history

Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy of American history

January 27, 2015

Allow me to make a confession: I’ve never been very engaged in MLK Day. Growing up, I certainly enjoyed the time off from school, but I didn’t really... Read more »

Improve your New Year’s resolution, always

By Rebekah Frank, Administrative Assistant

January 18, 2015

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After New Year’s Eve, people begin their New Year’s Resolution, but according to Proactive Chance, over 50 percent of people quit by June. It is frustrating for me to see so many people in the gym for the first two weeks of January, my friends on Facebook saying they are going to be a kinder person or people in my classes saying they are going to put in more of an effort... Read more »

My lovely experiences with Spokane Transit Authority

By Jasmine Ari Kemp, News Editor

January 17, 2015

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I’ve ridden public transport all my life. 23 years. Some of the STA bus drivers knew me when I was just a wee little tot. While they watched me grow, I’ve watched STA grow, then shrink, then grow again. I’ve seen my share of amazing things. Over all the potholes and through all the puddles, there are a few stories that I’ll never forget. On a rather normal... Read more »

The Internet is not making us stupid, ‘smart’ just looks different now

By Laura Lango, Photographer

January 16, 2015

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Back in Socrates’ day, writing was a new thing, believe it or not. Most people didn’t have access to literacy, and many languages didn’t even have a written alphabet. In “The Phaedrus” dialogue, he discussed why writing is bad for humanity. He argued it would allow people to become forgetful, arrogantly full of false knowledge and unable to have discriminating... Read more »

America’s real torture problem persists

By Jaclyn Archer, Eagle Life Editor

January 12, 2015

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It’s an intimidating read, even as it promises to be riveting, perhaps even horrifying. Its 500 plus pages were downloaded hundreds, if not thousands of times from various sites during the Christmas season. You might have heard about it on Facebook, or maybe you saw bits and pieces on Twitter or Tumblr, but if you haven’t heard, let me bring you up to date: on December... Read more »

Cheney and Spokane drivers need to revisit driver’s education

By Rebekah Frank, Staff Writer

January 11, 2015

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After the first snowfall of the year, I always wonder if some people have forgotten that when driving in the snow, they need to be more cautious than usual. In Driver’s Education, my instructor taught us about safe following distances, the “point of no return” at stop lights and at what speed drivers should take turns. After every lesson, he always reminded the class... Read more »

EWU Greek life a tool for enhancing the college experience

By Nathan Peters, Managing Editor

January 10, 2015

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With seven fraternities and eight sororities on campus, Eastern has provided tools for students to take charge of their college experience. Through intramural sports, networking, leadership opportunities, academic support and philanthropy and community service, Greek organizations at Eastern are ways for students to learn valuable skills transferrable throughout college... Read more »

Winter Holidays celebrated by everyone

By Larry Ty Holmes, Opinion Editor

December 12, 2014

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As “Merry Christmas” and “Have a happy New Year” start resounding from our lips, it should be noted that atheists shouldn’t be left out of the holiday joy and frolic. Living in the U.S., it is inferred that we are a society of consumerism and not all people - including Christians - celebrate Christmas explicitly for the birth of Jesus. Atheists are one of many... Read more »

No Justice, No Peace: Beyond the grand jury, and why I’m still marching

By Jaclyn Archer, Eagle Life Editor

December 11, 2014

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On Nov. 24 around 5 p.m., we all got the news: the grand jury chosen to review the facts of the shooting of Michael Brown decided not to indict the officer involved, Darren Wilson. Ferguson exploded in legitimate protests and destructive rioting. Several cities around the country including Portland, Seattle and Spokane held protests as well. [Maybe we could poach some... Read more »

National media “sleeps” on Seattle sports

By Brandon Cline, Contributing Writer

December 3, 2014

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A Lombardi Trophy and a baseball team that has produced multiple perennial hall of fame players call the state of Washington and the city of Seattle home, yet when it comes to getting recognition from the national media, Seattle sports are treated as the runt of the litter. One would think winning the most-watched television event in American sports history would garner... Read more »

Gay “bees” should sting stigmas instead of sass them

By Eric Long, Chief Copy Editor

November 24, 2014

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I have been out for just over two years. I must say, I’m a bit “bitchy” and that’s OK, sometimes. Being gay has its ups and downs. Gays must build up a defense while living in this world where some do not accept the “homosexual lifestyle,” so being a “kick up the fuss” just happens, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. This attitude becomes an issue,... Read more »