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EWU football fans ride an emotional roller coaster

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  1. First we were like:
  2. Sorry, been writing down all of Sammy State’s TDs. It’s 35-0 now, and #EWU is having Arizona’s New Mexico Bowl adjustments FedEx in at half.
  3. Then we were like:
  4. It’s so much colder when we’re getting our butts kicked. @EWUAthletics #goeags
  5. I think they just sent out the SOS for the Titanic sinking in Cheney.
  6. Hell, even I could call plays for the #bearkats offense. Option left. Option left. Option left. Option right. Touchdown. #goeags
  7. The #Inferno is a little chilly. EWU needs to rise up and turn it around in the 2nd half & burn the scoreboards up!! #GoEags!!
  8. @EasternerSports hey can we get a competent EWU team to show up in the second half?
  9. But then the muses among us spoke up:
  10. We have see some pretty crazy stuff so we are ready for this one #GoEags #comeback
  11. @bgbeaudry bold prediction: EWU will play better in the second half than they did in the first. #YouHeardItHereFirst
  12. Not even mad. If you know ewu football, you know this game isnt out if reach! #HaveFaith #GoEags
  13. We began to feel hopeful:
  14. Touchdown Eagles! Adams scrambles in the pocket and finds Greg Herd in the left corner of the end zone. #EWU #SHSU
  15. People can say what they want about #EWU football, but they know how to keep fans on the edge of their seats #Goeags
  16. #EWU has scores touchdowns on four straight possessions, will try for 5/5 here, they start at their own 22 w/ 10:44 left.
  17. We felt a bit crazy:
  18. It’s rough being a fan with this emotional roller-coaster of a game going on
  19. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. This is…There are no apt words to describe what’s going on. Should have sent a poet. #ewu
  20. There should be a study on how much the Eags raise my blood pressure. It’s unhealthy.
  21. And the cheering continued:
  22. TD and PAT make it a 7-point game again, #SHSU leads #EWU 42-35 with 9:48 remaining. Again, EWU has scored 5 TD on their last 5 drives.
  23. Never in your life think you’re going to out wrestle kauffman for a ball
  24. Hey @BigSkyConf, you just got put on notice. @VernonAdams16 is going to demolish your record books. #goeags
  25. #SHSU calls timeout, their first of the second half. I need to remember to breathe. #ewu
  26. I don’t care where you live, you should turn on ESPNU right now. Easter WA U made a monster comeback – game still within reach! #GoEags
  27. Even when it was over, we couldn’t believe it:
  28. #SHSU takes a final knee, clock winds down, players meet at midfield and the game is over. Bearkats defeat Eagles 45-42. What. A. Game. #EWU
  29. Sam Houston State wins, 45-42. Congratulations to the #Bearkats . Thank you to the #EWU #Eagles for another great season #GoEags
  30. @EWUAthletics So proud of our team! What a game. Heart all the way to the end! #goeags #Eagle4Life
  31. A lonely shot of #TheInferno’s north end zone as snow starts to fall.
  32. Everybody writes their own story, but as a group, All of Eastern Washingtons’ story is the best!! #GoEags
  33. Cover of tomorrow’s S-R sports page with @VernonAdams16 on the front. #ewu
  34. We are still proud to be fans.
  35. Awesome season you guys! Frisco next year 🙂 #cheer #ewu #lovethisteam
  36. Can I just say that @espn-U called #EWU fans “Fans of The Year” during the game yesterday. So proud to be an eagle! ❤❤@EWUAthletics
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The independent, student-run news site of Eastern Washington University.
EWU football fans ride an emotional roller coaster