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Pros and cons of campus coffee

By Jasmine Kemp, Eagle Life Writer


Filling the desperate need for coffee addicts everywhere, EWU is no stranger to providing a frothy milk and espresso mix for students. To get that perfect coffee fix, here is a rundown of what EWU has to offer.

Thomas Hammer
“We all try our best to work on our coffee art.” – Mindy Bobs, manager

Location: PUB across from the MPR.
Serves: Thomas Hammer Coffee
Food: Breakfast bars, biscotti, cookies.
Offers: Customers who bring in their own travel mug can buy a cup of drip coffee for $1.
Most Requested Drink: White chocolate mocha.
• Part of a local Spokane coffee chain, which supports the local economy.

• Reasonably close to where students get on and off the bus.
• Professionalism that comes from a legitimate franchise.
• Wait time for coffee is extremely variable due to its location in the PUB.
• EagleFlex is not accepted.
What makes it different: Coffee art. Drawing pictures like leaves, pandas, cats, dogs into the froth of the coffee.

Thirsty Minds
“I work in the library, so I can just come in here and get my [mocha].” – Alyaa Malibari, student

Location: JFK Library
Serves: Craven’s Coffee
Food: A very small selection of bagels, cookies and scones from Main Street Dining.
Offers: A selected 16-ounce drink is $2.50. There are also daily specials.
Most requested drink: White chocolate mocha
• Because of the shop’s laid-back atmosphere, it is a great time waster. In case class ends early, standing in line for coffee wastes just enough time to reasonably get to the next class.
• There are events in the library; while standing in line a student is bound to come across something new and intriguing.
• Craven’s coffee is a local Spokane business. It helps support the local economy.
• Spend more time in line waiting than drinking the coffee you ordered.
• Libraries tend to be quiet. It makes line waiting a bit awkward.
What makes it different: this shop is a solo job. The barista runs both the register and the espresso machine.
What makes it different: This shop is a solo job. The barista runs both the register and the espresso machine.

Tawanka Beverage, Bakery and Bistro
“Freshman don’t know about this place.” – Anthony Wood, barista

Location: Outside Tawanka hall, ground level left of the Parking Office.
Serves: Seattle’s Best coffee
Food: soup, paninis, muffins, sandwiches, cookies, rice krispie treats, fruit cups, yogurt, salads, frozen yogurt, ice cream and smoothies.
Most requested drink: Caramel Macchiato or an Americano.
• Large selection of foods and other drink options.
• Fast moving lines due to large staff on hand.
• Decent amount of sitting room, especially during warm months of the year as there is outside seating.
• High traffic in between classes makes for a longer wait time.
• Due to high traffic during lunch hours, seating is quickly taken up.
What makes it different: Serves soup and paninis

The Eagle Espresso and Coffee Company
“I like the fast pace of the PUB.” – Tara Witkowski, barista

Location: PUB outside the game room
Serves: Starbucks
Food: cookies, also sells smoothies (very small selection)
Offers: A selected 16-ounce drink is $2.50 and daily specials.
Most requested drink: Caramel Macchiato
• Serves Starbucks coffee, well known and a bit of a safe place to go if unsure about other coffees
• Fast paced
• Reasonably close to where students get on and off the bus
• Location is also in the middle of a major pathway connecting both sides of the PUB.
• No drip coffee is offered.
What makes it different: Baristas are sometimes seen in festive outfits.

Drink price comparison

Thomas Hammer
Thirsty Minds
12 oz Latte
16 oz Latte
20 oz Latte
12 oz Drip Coffee
No Drip Coffee
16 oz Drip Coffee
No Drip Coffee
20 oz Drip Coffee
No Drip Coffee
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